Experience-driven Efficiency through a Digital Transformation Gateway

Tailored Soltions

We provide tailored solutions based on the customer need for their product.
Assist in identifying needs and help our customers to get the right solution for their requirements through the eSavant gateway.


Efficiency through optimization of your product design solutions and business processes (Optimization in BIW, Chassis/Suspension, Packaging, Material, Design, CAE).

Knowledge based tools

Knowledge-based tools, including Benchmarking, Machine learning (ML) and AI use in CAE and technical search engines, to maintain your company’s efficiency and leadership.

Tailored Solutions

In today’s market, engineering solutions are a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimension space between Design, Engineering, Virtual simulation, manufacturing, and cost. eSavant can provide solutions through our experience consulting team with over 20+ OEM and supplier engagements, to provide directions and solutions that fit the needs of your organization


Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is multi-faceted, involving: mass, manufacturing resources and design time, delivering savings of 15-20%.

Time to Market

Up-front CAE-driven design development can reduce the time to market by 25%.

Mass Reduction

Reduce product mass of product by 20-25% through 3G optimization technology.

Performance Upgrade

A holistic design process facilitates the balance of cost and mass while improving performance and meeting design requirements.

Knowledge based tools

This new product design and development method is based on efficiencies, optimization, and the appropriate tools to expedite product design development timing, reducing costs and time to market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning within product design development and CAE helps when concepting solutions, developing detail designs, and manufacturing feasibility.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your progresses by applying our expertise.

Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your progresses by applying our expertise.

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