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eSavant Team Expertise​

Organization and team leadership/management, technical project management, innovative development, light-weighting technologies in various materials, design and business optimization, full vehicle integration design and development, BIW and chassis/suspension integration, global solution sets and development of global architectures that meet regional requirements.​

eSavant provides specialized consultancy specific for EVs and battery enclosures. eSavant also provides solutions for accurate material input and behavior for virtual products in addition to design development (Metal, Plastics, or Composite) in all their forms, characteristics and shapes. This is done by 4a Engineering Technology providing services and products for OEMs and suppliers worldwide.​

Our team provides product and engineering services for Simulation Data Management (SDM) Systems with the use of SCALE.sdm as a key enabler for virtual product design and development. The SCALE.sdm and eSavant experience in process optimization provides a tool for OEMs and large organizations to streamline, organize and provide a transplant system for management, simulation, testing, validation and product engineers. eSavant and our SDM partner Scale fulfill this task by providing both products and services in this area.​

Dr. Akbar Farahani

CEO & Founder

Dr. Farahani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of eSavant. With his vast experience in product design, he oversees projects focusing on EV vehicle product design and development and battery sub-systems design, lighting, and battery testing. ​

Dr. Farahani has been an automotive product development leader with 30+ years of experience in domestic and global marketplaces. His leadership strategy is driven by root-cause analysis of automotive industry trends backed with strong business development and technical knowledge in data-driven business solutions. Entrepreneurial and innovative expert in developing successful businesses, teams, organizations, and customer relations. ​

Dr. Farahani patented the Optimization System Process (OPS) in 2014, using OPS in various weight and cost reduction full vehicle and sub-system projects. He implemented a customized optimization process of OPS for automotive OEMs and suppliers based on his in-depth knowledge of CAE, advanced materials selection (AHSS, Aluminum & Composite) combined with optimization-driven formability and manufacturing processes.

Dr. Farahani served over 32 years at ETA, the last position held as President and CEO before founding eSvanat LLC. He holds a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Brigham Young University.​

Amy Gombos​

Business Director​

As a Director of Business Operations, Amy works closely with partners, HR operations, and communication directors with customers and requirements. 

Before eSavant, she worked for over 34 years et ETA inc. as director of Human resources (HR) and was the most senior employee at ETA before she left ETA in late 2022. Over 3 decades, she has focused on numerous roles and responsibilities, where she oversaw the strategic direction for company growth and expansion in the last 34 years, planning, coordination, and administration of various human resource functions, including payroll, benefits, employee communications, immigration, talent acquisition, employee performance, and talent management as well as regulatory compliance. Amy studied Prelaw at the University of Cincinnati.

Sandra Lloyd

Financial Controller​

Experienced in small business financial planning, controlling and tracking with 40 years of experience with nearly a dozen companies. Helped numerous companies with auditing. Backed by a BA in accounting from Michigan State and vast experience in usage of common accounting software such as Quickbooks Pro, AccPac, Net Suite and extensive use of MS Excel, Word and for reporting results.

John Catterall

eSavant Consultant

John Catterall is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in product design, development, and optimization, including leadership roles in the C-suite. Notably, they served as the Global Technical Lead for body and chassis structures at General Motors for over a decade. 

John has held key positions such as Executive Director for the Auto/Steel Partnership and Vice President of the AISI Automotive Program. John is known for leading and supporting innovative projects related to lightweighting in the automotive industry, 

John has an impressive record of presenting and chairing technical sessions at global conferences on behalf of OEMs and collaborative organizations. John’s expertise spans team leadership, technical project management, innovation development, lightweighting technologies, optimization in design and business, full vehicle integration, and global architecture development.

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